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What do we offer?

Serwis Grupa offers industrial air conditioning systems suitable for individual customer needs. Our delivery and assembly services are addressed in particular to: supermarkets, hypermarkets, grocery stores, food wholesalers, store magazines, dairies, meat plants and many other enterprises. Thanks to the use of modern methods, our solutions in the field of industrial air conditioning are fully optimized and safe. They provide the best possible working conditions in industrial premises.

We provide the best standards

  1. Industrial air conditioning is individually selected and depends on the specificity of the room in which it will be installed.
  2. The selection of the number of devices is adapted to the size of the area on which they are installed. It can be one device or a system of several elements, which allows to achieve the best possible performance.
  3. We replace classic systems with environmentally friendly innovative air conditioning systems. This applies to new and modernized devices.
  4. Our modern air conditioning also provides a functional and simple management system.
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Industrial air-conditioning - how do we operate?

  1. Design – we guarantee professional measurements, we create a complete project together with executive and as-built documentation.
  2. Supervision – we provide consulting in the use and operation of industrial air-conditioning, as well as control of the entire process – from design to implementation.
  3. Implementation – we provide delivery and professional installation of industrial air-conditioning, as well as regulation of air conditioning operation parameters and technical analysis.
  4. Repair service – we provide professional warranty and post-warranty service.
  5. Cleaning – in the event of a need, we care about the maintenance of the air conditioning provided by our company.

Why air conditioning pays off?

  • The high temperature during summer affects many employees, which in effect reduces their efficiency. Take care of your team’s well-being ensuring optimal working conditions.
  • Enterprises and stores need adequate temperature to store food. Typically, it can be provided only by air conditioning, which prevents spoilage of food.
  • We know very well how high temperatures in stores and supermarkets can affect customers. Not only in the summer. The optimal temperature will give your customers comfort when shopping.

Air conditioning for industry

  1. We provide a wide range of devices, thanks to which we are able to offer each industrial air conditioning appropriate to individual needs.
  2. Industrial air-conditioning guarantees optimal air parameters, adapted to the room in which it was installed.
  3. Innovative, high-quality cooling systems provide the right working conditions for employees.
  4. To create our air conditioning systems we use devices from leading manufacturers offering the latest solutions.
  5. We use advanced level cooling technologies that are able to significantly improve air quality.

Do you need air conditioning? Contact us

Many production companies, as well as stores and supermarkets are struggling with the problem of unoptimized temperature. This has a negative impact on food products stored there, but also on employees who are unable to work effectively in rooms that are overheated. For this reason, the implementation of an appropriate industrial air-conditioning system is so important. We offer a wide range of innovative solutions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

klimatyzacja SerwisGrupa
klimatyzacja SerwisGrupa
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