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Cooling systems for industry

Refrigeration appliances are becoming more and more popular, and in some industries, everyday work without them is basically impossible. Cooling systems are a way to preserve food and prevent it from wasting. They can be used for fixing, storing, but also transporting products that are easily spoiled (FMCG industry). Food subjected to the cooling process does not lose its freshness, vitamins, taste, smell or color.

We offer modern industrial refrigeration systems. We provide delivery, professional assembly and repair service for our devices. We work with supermarkets and hypermarkets, grocery stores, food wholesalers, store warehouses, dairies and meat plants. We are also open to new industries and commercial partnerships. We are happy to undertake new challenges.

Our cooling systems

Lower energy consumption
Faster installation
Consistent service support
Cooling systems of the best quality

There are many reasons why it is worth ordering services in Serwis Grupa. Our industrial refrigeration systems are smaller, and thus – they consume less energy. In addition, they can be optimized and adapted to individual needs. It is possible at every stage – not only during installation. What’s more, every time you need help with repair or renovation – you can count on us.

The quality of the devices offered is also due to our many years of experience. During this time, we have developed reliable methods and efficient solutions that are fully adapted to the needs of customers. Both companies and shops benefit from our services. Regardless of the type of your industry, we are able to easily adapt our devices to the processes carried out in a given company.

Our industrial refrigeration systems are equipped with:
counter tops
freezing tubs
system odzyskiwania ciepła
heat recovery system
water cooling devices
cooling devices for the dough
cooling chambers
freezing chambers
air conditioning
klimatyzacja SerwisGrupa
klimatyzacja SerwisGrupa
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